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What does MindWorks Inc Ltd do?

We plan, deliver and manage technical training and events for computing products that originate from Novell, NetIQ, Micro Focus.

We also manage Academic Programs and User Group, such as the TTP, for Micro Focus.

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MindWorks manages this fund for the TTP

In India the Right to Education Act has been established to ensure free education for every child until the age of 14. All Indian states have setup government schools to ensure free education until Class X ie. until age 16 years (Tenth Grade in the USA) when they are expected to go out to work to support their families. However gifted the kids are they have no option in this due to the money required to continue their education.

A small group of people within the Technology Transfer Partners organization (TTP) have joined together with friends working in the Micro Focus India Development Centre who are linked with the Nisvartha Foundation to try to help in a small way with this problem. The TTP is a group made up of highly skilled people who work in the computing services of schools, colleges and universities all over the world who appreciate the value of education at such a young age. 

The costs are not huge by our standards. It costs $38 to get a Secondary School Certificate, $1947 for the two year pre-university course and then $1348 for a three year degree course. Even a five year medical degree only costs $5988. So for $3333 we can educate a child for five years and they can hopefully walk away with a degree and earn a salary which could really bring their family out of poverty.

At this point the question on most people’s minds will be ‘will the money get to the people who it is intended for’?

The answer is a decisive YES and we have put a lot of measures in place to ensure this. The Nisvartha Foundation has a long history of identifying people who deserve help. All money collected will be controlled by a group of people based in Provo, Utah. The agreement of three people will be required to pass any money from the bank account directly to people within the Foundation in India. The group in Provo will put aside the money required for the full education of the individual so as to ensure that there is money available for the complete term, as abandoning an individual part way through their education would be catastrophic for the person involved. This money will be transferred on an annual basis (to pay the given year's tuition) and not as a lump sum. The Foundation will then pass this money directly to the school to fund the individual. We must also stress here that no person or group will charge any costs or administration fees for this work.

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